Wednesday, April 13, 2011


   How do feel about injustice?Injustice is something that shouldn't be happening to nobody. Example of injustice in the jungle was when Ona was forced for prostitution and when they were working hard for a low pay. When Ona was forced for prostitution she had no choice but to do it.  Ona had to do it because she loved her husband. When they were working for low pay they didn't know the pay was that low as long as they had a income to survive and take care of there family. The Lithuanian family faced this as soon as they came to Chicago. Injustice has been a thing that's has been going on for years. So injustice is not a good thing u see what this family had to go through wen they moved to Packing town and it wasn't very easy for them. So injustice is the worst thing that could be happening today.

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